Thursday, July 21, 2011

Design of a recreation centre

Our target audience are the youth, and the students from the nearby schools

We are going to build 6 stories up, and having 4 basements.

Since there is a swimming complex only
1.183km from where we are building the recreation centre, we decided not to have a swimming centre, instead we have a indoor water playground.
Features of the recreational centre:
1.Miniature golf course (Rooftop)
2.Shooting range (5th floor)
3.Arcade(3rd floor)
4.Fast Food basement (dedicated to fast food)(basement 1)
5.Foodcourt/ Food Junction(basement 2)
6.Stationery Shop(1st floor)
7.Healthcare shop(1st floor)
8.CD Shop tweaked for teens(1st floor)
9.Water Playground(th floor)
10.Transparent Water slide AROUND the building all the way down
11.Cinema(2nd floor)
12.Indoor Sports Hall with showers (basketball court etc.)
13. Lounge with gaming consoles(1st floor)
14.Reception desk(1st floor)
15.Fashion apparel shops(1st floor)
16.Carpark (basement 3&4)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What is good Architectural Design?

It must express its function in a meaningful and visually interesting way.

It must complement its surroundings.

The building must either surprise, inspire, mystify or delight.

It must age well. 

camouflage house
A house that integrates well into the environment.

khyber ridge house

A house that complements the ridge-like surroundings.